List of registered players

The list of registered players will be updated manually, so please do not panic if your registration went through but your name does not appear yet!

First Name Last Name Country Vekn ID Draft
Cédric Goffaux France 3200195 Yes
Sélim Ammouche France 3200322 Yes
Henrik Klippström Sweden 1002480 Yes
Orian Gissler France 8350023 Yes
Emiliano Imeroni Belgium 3295001 Yes
Randal Rudstam Sweden 3382226 No
Tero Aalto Finland 8460002 Yes
Christophe Baltazar France 3200114 Yes
Mathias Olsson Sweden 1002187 No
Philippe Lang France 3200015 Yes
Peter Ducai Czech republic 3090028 No
Rodolphe Duhil France 3200060 Yes
Arnaud Baigts France 3200192 No
Järvelin Aapo Finland 9350028 No
Luis Alexandre Santos Portugal 3260051 No
Tito Teixeira Portugal 3120061 Yes
Alain Greiner France 3200289 Yes
Norman Brown USA 2810001 Yes
Antonin Merieux France 3200282 Yes
Martin Weinmayer Austria 3340035 No
Volodia Miniejew France 8080019 No
Mathias Skubich France 1009990 No
Kai Kimmerle Germany 1005609 No
Kim Nilsson Sweden 8090035 No
Thomas Langaret France 3200319 Yes
Timothée Daudé France 4400017 No
Mikaël Lavallée France 7460002 Yes
Arnau Diez Sans Spain 4200005 No
Miquel Jorge Tortajada Spain 4200008 No
Jose Mas Cruz Spain 1002913 No
Michel De Jonge Belgium 5140010 Yes
Dany Graells France 1003627 Yes
Petri Wessman Finland 3070001 No
Daniel Ujhelji Varga France 3200307 No
Erik Mossberg Sweden 8090026 No
David Jeanne France 3980043 Yes
Jyri Puhakka Finland 3530097 Yes
Petr Muller Czech Republic 1003030 Yes
Rudolf Scholz Germany 5810002 No
Nicola Scholz Germany 5850006 No
Ali Almadhi Germany 5850002 No
Rodolphe Danac France 8350026 No
Jérôme Arnaud France 3900003 No
Christophe Bolognino France 1004380 Yes
Romain Vincent-Aumont France 3200345 Yes
Manuel De Zutter France 6050016 No
Juha Nyholm Finland 3870024 Yes
Ginés Quiñonero-Santiago Spain 3190007 No
Thomas Gibson France 3200215 No
Gerald Manetzgruber Austria 3760003 No
Tobias Abraham Austria 2600001 No
Markus Sallaberger Austria xxxxxxx No
Ulf Magnusson Sweden 3680077 No
Alexandre Diavorini France 3200348 No
Vincent Joanny France 3200303 No
Marius Iscru France 3200246 No
Janne Lönnqvist Finland 3070036 Yes
Serge Cirri France 8300013 Yes
Patrick Benoit France 1004183 No
Laurent Ribeyre France 8300053 No
Xavier Dubos France 3840018 No
Cesar Fernando Brazil 6020033 No
Romain Ledur France 3200271 No
Mike Nudd Great Britain 3130001 No

Last updated on July 15, 2019