German Grand-Prix 2020 is cancelled

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German Grand-Prix 2020 is cancelled

Message par Hakuron » 14 mars 2020, 01:34

Dear Kindred, dear friends,

Hereby the German Grand-Prix is cancelled.

I would love to welcome you and talk and play V:tES, and maybe I would make a different decision out of the indiviual perspective.
But I am the organiser and the German NC, and this is why I take up the group perspective and seek to follow the protective official guidelines.

Right now, I do not have any alternative plan for the tournament.
I will inform you right away when I have considered one.

Thanks to everyone who supported the tournament and me so far (and still does).
Best wishes & take care,


PS: Please contact me if you have any further questions or any need.
National Coordinator Germany

Prince de Darmstadt, Allemagne

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