14.09.2019: Black Forest Base: Ascension (Freiburg, Germany)

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14.09.2019: Black Forest Base: Ascension (Freiburg, Germany)

Message par Hakuron » 25 août 2019, 22:05

On Saturday, 14 September we will have a tournament in Freiburg to celebrate (and hopefully boost) a domain in the making. Situated in the Southwestern corner of Germany -- France and Switzerland are only a stone's throw away. So come and join us!

Black Forest Base: Ascension, Freiburg
Standard constructed, 3R+finals
Fee: 3-5 € for prizes

11:30 Registration
12:00 Start of first round, finals should be concluded c. 21:00.

Kainskind (!)
Grünwälderstrasse 23
79098, Freiburg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Sebastian Meurer
Please drop him a line if you're going to attend: on vekn.net, on the German forum ( forum.vekn.de/viewtopic.php?f=118&t=56326 ), or via email: sebastian.meurer@weltfernhautnah.com.

[ He won't be able to answer between 30 August and 8 September, when in doubt just assume that it will be fine :) ]
National Coordinator Germany

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Re: 14.09.2019: Black Forest Base: Ascension (Freiburg, Germany)

Message par berlin_tremere » 28 août 2019, 11:50

Sorry but i won't be available on 14th september.
Maybe another time :)
Good Gamez !
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